Prehistory of Zuid-Limburg
Voorgeschiedenis van Zuid-Limburg

Lapides clamabunt

This website is dedicated to the book "Voorgeschiedenis van Zuid-Limburg" (Prehistory of Zuid-Limburg), written by H.J. Beckers en G.A.J. Beckers.

Our goal is to digitize this book and make it openly available, through this site and possibly through the Gutenberg project. Although the book has been published in 1940, we believe it is still a valuable resource and will remain so in the future. Not only for historic reasons, but also because the book is the primary scientific source of archaeological excavations and findings. Such a source never ages and should be accessible to anyone interested in it.

Although the book can still be obtained through libraries and antiquarian book shops, we believe that its should be available in digital form as well.

The project has three parts:

  • Scanning each page of the book.
  • Extracting raw text from the scans (through automatic character recognition and manual correction).
  • Creating a digital design of high typographic quality that is similiar to the original. The book has been skillfully set in the beautiful typeface Hollandsche Mediaeval of the famous Dutch typographer S.H. de Roos, which has become available in digital form recently.

Preliminary results will be published here. For the moment we can only offer a limited number of raw scans and a pdf of a number of chapters.

In a later stage this site could also be used for additional information, such as texts, photo's and video's related to the book or the work described in it. Also other works of these authors could be made accessible here.